A timeless classic

Recently I have been spending quite some time playing an oldie that I dug out of the closet(well not so much dug out of the closet as downloaded through torrents), Civilization 2. This game, well more like the entire series, is friggin' awesome. Sid Meier created a timeless game that outdid Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and all other strategy games. Undoubtedly, his civilization series has amazing gameplay, which can even make up for outdated graphics and UI, which is why I still love playing part 2. Most other games become outdated within the same year they are released.

Civilization 1 which he made for Microprose occupied my entire middle school years. That game was gold. Personally, I loved the simplicity of the interface. Sure graphical cutscenes are nice, but when your in the meta game and attacking 15 times per turn, you just want to do it fast.

I recommend also to any Civilization fans out there who want to try something new FreeCiv. It's an open-source project that was inspired by Civilization. It's graphics are somewhere between 2 and 3, and for the most part follow the Civ 2 ruleset. You can find it here:
FreeCiv Download page

I am anxious to try the new expansions for Civ 4, Warlords, and Colonization. But what really catches my eye is Civcity Rome. Looks like Sid may be venturing out from his traditional style and trying a Simcity type game. I can't wait to see how it plays.


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