Wind Slayer - Day 3

Well, now that I've gathered all the requested items to become a rogue, I rushed to the rogue trainer to advance to a new class. I turned in the quest then I was greeted by a message in the chatbox saying I'm now a rogue.

I went immediately to the rogue equipment vendors to buy the proper attire for being a rogue and a few rogue skills, poison and sprint. I was lvl 11 by the time I completed the quest so I was able to grab more than just the basic lvl 10 poison.
Here I am in my new outfit;
Pretty big improvement from before. Look pretty nice, considering the overall graphics for this game. Next, I wanted to grab a quest from the rogue trainer and head up to test out my new abilities. I was excited as I was sure that playing as a rogue would make up for some of the repetitiveness that made being a novice painfully difficult.

I went to Marble Mountain, where I killed the monkeys earlier, except this time I went deeper into the mountains. I slaughtered a few pigs on the way there, to test out my poison attack.

Not a huge difference in attack animation from my regular melee attacks. But anyways, when I ventured deeper into the mountains, I found not monkey soldiers and sergeants, but monkey lords and generals. Again, not a huge difference, although the Monkey King was a big change of pace. At lvl 11, he wtfpwned me before I knew what happened. He was the boss monster of the Marble Mountain area. He's on the left, holding the huge fire stick.

Well, basically I grinded here for another 3 levels with a group of 3 other people, an archer, warrior, and priest. The four of us manage to down the monkey king pretty easily. Once I advanced to lvl 14, I went back to town to grab a new skill and turn in quests. The new skills I chose were hide and stun. I figured, what kind of MMORPG rogue would I be if I couldn't go invisible. The stun was quite underwhelming though. It was a melee attack that did no damage and caused a monster to freeze until I hit him once. When I tried it out, I thought to myself, instead of just stunning him and hitting him, why not skip the stun and just hit him.

Well so far, being a rogue is fun. Though after seeing some archers slaughter the monkey king and kill steal him from me, I am questioning my class choice a bit. But I've made my choice and hopefully later on, I will be sneaking around and backstabbing those archers.

Before I started grinding more levels, I wanted to try out the profession skills in this game; gathering and mining. Well, if you've ever played World of Warcraft, then you've pretty much experienced Wind Slayer mining and gathering already. I had to stand at the weed/mining vein and double click on my shovel/gardening shovel(which are consumable) and wait as the action bar filled up. Then I would gain something random or nothing at all. The only difference in this game is that mining and herb gathering areas are specific zones that are completely full of them. No need to go scouring around the world for them, they are all right there for you to pick up.


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