Splinter Cell Conviction Trailer at Comic Con

Looks like a new trailer is out for the latest in the Splinter Cell series. This game has been in development for quite a few years. I remember reading the interview with Mathieu Ferland the Senior Producer of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Among other things, he stated in the interview with videogamer.com that he was hoping the game would be released by Christmas, that interview was in 2007. So yes, we have been waiting quite awhile for this game. Hopefully, all of the increased expectations doesn't destroy this game like so many others *cough* Spore *cough*.

Some of the new features that stand out are the new methods of receiving mission objectives, crowd manipulation(similar to stealthing in Assassin's Creed), more seamless transition between locations, and more character driven storyline, Sam is on his own this time, without any help or support from higher ups. The message you can see from the trailer below at 0:14 seconds and 0:19 seconds is using the same notification method that will be used for mission updates and directions.

Even in an interview with Gamespot UK in June of this year, the development team has still remained tight lipped about whether a multi-player option will be included in this game. I am truly hoping they do include one, even if it means another half year of development. So many games have performed poorly in the market despite incredible design and superb marketing solely because of a lack of multi-player. Without multi-player, there is almost no replay value. Sure they can create leaderboards and DLC, but that is inadequate when competing against the latest games.

If they do include multi-player in this game, I hope that they will reuse the mult-player found in the previous Splinter Cell games. The Merc vs. Spy style combat is innovative and fun. As a merc, you will be engaging the spies in a FPS(first person shooter) style combat, while the spies use play as stealth fighter, similar to what you do in the single player campaigns. I am hoping they will finish development soon as the anticipation is unbearable, especially after seeing the amazing new trailer from Comic Con.

The premise of the game is Sam Fisher arrives in Malta to investigate the death of his daughter. Things begin to unravel and Sam is recalled to Washington. Sam then deals with a conspiracy in Washington...

Here is the preview at Comic Con

Here is a demo from E3 2009

An interview with one of the developers in June of this year

UPDATE: looks like the release date has been pushed back to early 2010.
SOURCE: CrunchGear


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