Zero Punctuation on Wii Sports Resort

Well, I've watch the latest review for Wii Sports Resorts by the infamous Zero Punctuation. In case you haven't here it is:

While I understand that the reason he is so popular is his gimmicky editing, I do consider him an actual critic of video games. It's because of that that I am bothered by his latest video review. Several times in the review he states that he dislikes the Wii and what it "represents". I'm assuming he feels that it's just a gimmick that's using technology that's been around for awhile. Then what the hell is the Xbox 360 and PS3?

He also says later in the video that the development time could have been better spent elsewhere like VR goggles. Venturing outside the overused typical format, the gamepad/controler, which has been around for years is what the Wii is doing, and I think it has worked in that it has forced other companies to also try something different, say for example Microsoft's Project NATAL. If it wasn't for the Wii, the next generation of consoles would probably be the exact same as the last 4 or 5 generation of consoles, but no Sony is considering a magic wand, Microsoft is developing a full body motion sensor, and I'm betting there will be more innovative input devices in the next system. And actually, someone has used the Wii Remote to develop a form of VR display, which was developed by Johnny Lee, who is currently working on Project NATAL. You can view that video at the bottom.

Anyways, the core of his review is not useful at all, as all he states are which games within Wii Sports Resort are ported from the earlier games, which any user could have deduced from reading the description on the back of the game cover. Everything else is pretty much him ranting about wii motion control, which is pointless because if the user is considering buying the Wii Sports Resort, then they obviously have a Wii and have no problem with the Wii remote.


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