Trying out a new type of MMO

So I've been a World of Warcraft almost since launch in 2004, and before that I was an Everquest player for over 5 years. I had a great time in Everquest, playing my necromancer. I remember the first time I reached the level cap, it was such an achievement back then to reach it. In those days, attaining a new level in an MMORPG was a big deal and saying the words "ding" were usually followed by "!!!!11!1!1!!!!!!!!". Nowadays, you can grind your way to level 80 in World of Warcraft in a month if you had the spare time. And death, oh boy; dying in Everquest meant a lot more because you lost on average 1-2 hours of exp grinding each death. Even your corpse run was a lot harder as you were not a "ghost" in Everquest. You actually had to run back to where you died, alive, and without any equipment. The corpse run was made easier in Planes of Power.

But anyways, enough about my rant on the risks and rewards of MMORPGs. I think it's time move onto a new type of MMO. There seems to be a new fantasy MMORPG made every freakin' hour, most of them being spawned out of Korea, the latest of which is Aion. My friends had talked about Eve Online before, but I never gave it much thought. I was a huge fan of Babylon 5 and Star Trek DS9(which is my favorite), and watching the gameplay footage for Eve Online excites me like I haven't been in awhile. Massive battles, ship vs ship combat, and resource management seem like a big change and I hope Eve Online won't disappoint.

This is the new video that caught my attention. It's a new video made by CCP Games that definitely perked my interest.

Here are the characters I've built over the years. Yes, no lvl 80s yet, I've been too busy playing alts, to concentrate on one guy. The last Deathknight was recreated on a new server which was closer to my time zone after having moved to a different country.


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