Robokill, awesome flash game

I usually don't post about flash-based games but I'm still waiting on my laptop, so until I get a new one I'll be spending time searching for low system req games. Actually, I found this game last year but recently replayed the entire game because I'm currently on vacation.

It' plays pretty much like the old SmashTV game on NES, or any of the various Zelda games. It's a top-down game in which you move from room to room, clearing each one by killing all the enemies with your blaster.

Okay here are the reasons why you will be addicted to the game; the movement is incredibly smooth, movement is made even easier because of mouse targeting, the graphics are well-done but not overly flashy, and difficulty scales perfectly as you advance.

Go check it out at
Robokill - Rock Solid Arcade

And if you can't even spare $9.95 to upgrade to the full version, there are various methods out there for bypassing the payment...


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