Wind Slayer - Day 4

Not much has changed in the last few levels. I've stand in the same area grinding because most of the other area nearby are all far beyond my capabilities. There's not much to say. I've finally hit level 15.

I went back into town then joined an arena match to see how pvp was outside of the novice class. Arenas are split into two categories for novices and for people who advanced onto a new class. The former is a basic training camp for new players. The latter is the core of the pvp in Wind Slayer. I will say that it was quite amazing when I first saw characters getting frozen in glaciers, huge pets that are larger the the players, and warriors clad in metal armor. There wasn't much teamwork to speak of. I had envisioned the arenas as team oriented, where warriors were engaging each other in melee, archers were shooting from the back row, and healers were maintaining the hp of their team. Sadly, this wasn't so.

It was fun for a few rounds, but it eventually boiled down to the same combat that frustrated me earlier in the novice arenas, dashing around, hoping that the enemy player will accidentally walk into my dagger as I am stabbing.

I've decided to end my journey early. I did not make many friends that I will miss as most players weren't social and just ran around killing monsters hours on end. It is late right now and I have work tomorrow, so the review for this game will come later.


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albert said...
October 29, 2009 at 3:56 PM

can we be friends?I am not like the ones ho run;;plz