Wind Slayer - Day 2

Well, my second day started off better. As opposed to my first day, I started off with a mean spiked club and a thirst for exploration. I decided I wanted a change of scenery so I went further out from town, to Foothill. Unfortunately, there was no new scenery, just more green grass and hills. But there was something new; a new style of monsters. No longer was I beating on cute furry animals, I was pounding rats carrying explosives and oversized birds who looked autistic. While looking at the map, I noticed Foothill is marked as having a boss. After doing some wandering, I finally found it... or them. I couldn't tell if I staring at two bosses or one.

I wasn't able to kill the overgrown cat holding the canon. I figure he's probably designed to be handled by groups, not soloed. Afterwads, I headed down to Forest Path 1. There were some subtle changes in scenery. Instead of hills, there were canopies for me to jump around.

Well after another 40minutes of killing I finally reached level 10 and could become that sneaky and skillful rogue that I was hoping to be. I headed back into town in search of instructions for the class advancement and the village leader instructed me to go to Ozi Village and from there it was a stone's throw away to Shadow Guild Hall.

Well it was NOT that easy finding the rogue class trainer. I wandered around Ozi village and stared at the area map for 20 minutes. I finally found a passerby who escorted me to the rogue guild. Once I arrived at the rogue guild and talked to my trainer, I was informed I would have to gather pork, monky hats, an advance class license, and kill some monkey sergeants before I could advance from a novice to a rogue... 10 porks, 10 monkey hats and kill 5 sergeants... doesn't sound so bad... it took me 2 hours to gather all of that. But the new area I found them in introduced a nice change of environment. It seemed like this area was created by someone who was a fan of "The Monkey King", if you are not Asian, and therefore probably have never seen the chinese television show, the best I could describe it as is a monkey who has supernatural powers and acts like an asshole. He's the one floating on the cloud(or pig?) in the picture below...

Finally, the license could only be gathered through using points gained at the arena. That part was very tedious, as there wasn't a huge difference between killing monsters and killing players, as the former consists of whacking a monster with non-existant intelligence, and the latter consisted of whacking a player with near non-existant intelligence. Fortunately, I moved onto a second arena area which proved more interesting. Tomorrow's entry will cover what happens after I advanced to the rogue class.


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