Wind Slayer - Day 1

Well I decided to try out WindSlayer. I was told it's similar to Maple Story, but not having played Maple Story, this would be a completely new experience for me. I will record everything I will have done for the 5 days that I will play this game followed up by a overall review of the game, and a recommendation for it or a warning for you to stay away.

Well it started off with the traditional Character creation screen;

It had relatively few options for character customization. But, I also admit when I say "few" I'm comparing it to other MMORPG's that I've played, which were all much more graphics intensive(like WoW, Everquest, Warhammer). As far as the stat distribution went, there were 4 options, all of which were the standards you see in all RPGs; Str(Strength), Dex(Dexterity), Int(Intelligence), Spr(Spirit). For the most part, it was pretty easy to figure out what everything does, but then again with only four stats to modify, how could it not be simple. That was about it as far as creation went, it seems class selection doesn't come until later.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the world was I was given a club and was basically told to club as many cute animals as I could... interesting direction the developers chose. But hey, who am I to spare the cute furry animals the beating they deserve.

Oh it get's even better. Some of the animals, like the one you see me killing up there actually CRY when you kill them... I like it already...

Well after slaughtering a few animals (unfortunately I couldn't skin them to make myself a great pimp fur coat) I decided to head into the next zone. After a quick quest which involved me learning how to double jump I promptly headed into town.
When I arrived into town I was greated by a barrage of salesmen, reminiscent of Chinatown. There were various vendors who sold the usual weapons, armor, gifts, 'premium'(read:for real world cash) items. I finally saw some other players here, they were quickly dashing around conducting business and off to kill shit. The towns were for the most part easy to maneuver around. Exits to other zones were all either on the far left of the zone or the far right. Various platforms were filled with vendors, quest NPCs, arena entrances, and a few buildings that one could enter.

I decided to grab a quick quest from an NPC I was directed to, and head out to the next zone to refresh my thirst for cute animal blood. After another 35-45 more minutes of killing, which was pretty much dashing around and repeatedly tapping the 'S' key(weak attack). This got tiresome real fast. Fortunately, after having leveled and returning to town, I was treated with a new attack, the 'D' key(strong attack). I was given a new quest which involve heading into the arena for some pvp action...

After entering the queue for an arena match, I had my hopes up... apparently too high. PVP consisted of people dashing around tapping the attack button, hoping to catch the enemy target in their hitbox. Sound familiar? Yea, it should. I've been doing that for the last hour and I guess I will be doing it for awhile longer. There were two teams, red and blue who were a bit difficult to discern when we all were fighting too closely.
Well, after two rounds of this I left to continue questing. Before leaving, I decided to buy a new weapon to better handle the even bigger cute animals I will be encountering. I bought a spiked club...

I went over to the next zone outside of town "Forest Path 1", killed some shit, and then logged off for the day. Tomorrow I will continue my character and hopefully be able to reach the level where I can select my class.


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