Sushi chef simulation flash game

Youda Sushi Chef is an addictive game that I found having to pull myself away from to write this post. Although the it looks rather simple, the same reason that The Sims does so well is why this game is so addictive.

You are a sushi chef who must make sushi rolls for yuppies who can't get enough of it. While making it, if you find yourself overwhelmed then you can do a knife juggling act or serve sake to give yourself some more time. The ingredients for the rolls will run dry and you must make the call for restocking while serving the customers. The difficulty increases through faster customers, and more sushi recipes that you must memorize. Although there is always the recipe book to refer to, you are forced to memorize them or lose customers.

In between rounds, you have a chance to use the money you earned to buy upgrades to your store that can increase the speed of the conveyor belt, your sushi rolling time, the effects of the knife trick, fancier sake bottles, or even aesthetic improvements to the decor of the restaurant.

I found myself disappointed in the first 20 seconds of the game, but after finishing the first round, as the difficulty increased, it became more challenging I found myself drawn to it. In essence, this game is a visual coordination game that requires memorization. This flash game is also available as a Windows PC game.


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