Gamespy Exclusive Preview of Left 4 Dead 2

This is a preview of the Swamp Fever campaign.

The premise for the Swamp campaign is that the survivors head into a bayou in order to find refuge within a community which has refused aid from the military and outside sources. When you first arrive it seems hopeful, like perhaps their isolationist attitude could have held out against the outbreak. However, after a short distance you realize that you're in the f**king swamp -- aka no walls -- and that these people were really just sitting around waiting to get surrounded.
- Anthony Gallegos

The game play looks great so far. But I am split on my feelings about this game. I'm one of those who feel that they released this game far too early. I do feel it's unfair to buyers of the first Left 4 Dead, but it may be hard to resist the temptation to buy this sequel after seeing this amazing preview. The music and sound effects are dead on, giving me chills as I watch them travel through the swamp.


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