Insane "Prestige Edition" Modern Warfare 2

Activision and Infinity Ward have really outdone themselves and every other fuckin special edition ever made. With their Prestige Edition packaging of Modern Warfare you get an artbook, a tin case packaging for the discs, Modern Warfare 2 branded night vision goggles, an original download key, and... wait back the fuck up, yes they are packaging NIGHT VISION GOGGLES with it.

The pricetag for this package full of awesomeness is 149.99. It is up for preorder at amazon; I've included the link below. Now it goes without saying that if you pay 149.99 for a game and night vision goggles, they may not be the highest quality NVGs around, actually as far as quality goes, they are probably on the crap side. But who the fuck cares? They are MW2 branded. I am hoping to grab one of these, but I don't I will be able to convince my wife of their worth... she hates games.

Amazon Link Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Prestige Edition

Amazon Link Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Prestige Edition


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