Two people who were fired from a video game studio

So in case you haven't read them, there are two people who recently wrote about their last days at the video game studio they worked at.

Midway Newcastle R.I.P.

The first one is is a guy who worked at Midway Newcastle as an artist, and apparently pitched games to potential investors. His blog details his last month at the studio following a financial crisis that may have been due to some shady deals. It's quite interesting as it gives some of the details of the reality of working at a development studio. The long hours, rejected pitches, and despicable treatment from the corporate HQ. This story is both well-told and very informative.

Casualty of Warhammer

This second blogger, Jeremy Monkin, was a customer service representative(read:GM) at Mythic Studios for their MMORPG, Warhammer. He recounts his few months of work at the studio before and after the launch. Jeremy has no technical background and worked as a game reviewer before this job. He blames a host of issues, which include Wrath of the Lich King, for the weak sales of Warhammer Online. He seems to miss the obvious issues with Warhammer itself when listing them all though. This is worth reading if you plan to work as a Q&A tester or customer service rep at a gaming studio, otherwise it's a waste of time. There are no insights or important details, nor is there an engaging story on a strictly narrative level. One more thing, the guy comes off as a whiny.


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