Modern Warfare 2 Weapons List

Here is a list of weapons that have been spotted in various MW2 videos, trailers, previews, etc.

This could of course be subject to change. Click on the links below to see a picture of the weapon.

Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Sub-Machine Guns


Light/Heavy Machine Guns




  • - C4
  • - Frag Grenade
  • - Stun Grenade
  • - Smoke Grenade
  • - Semtex

Gun Attatchments

  • - Red Dot Sight
  • - Heartbeat Sensor
  • - ACOG
  • - Silencer
  • - EOTech Sight
  • - Thermal Scope
  • - Master Key

Grenade Launchers


  • - Riot Shield

Here's a really cool video of a an artist rendering of a MW2 cover. If you're an artist and a Modern Warfare fan then you might like this;

Source: MW2Blog, and Wikipedia for some of the pictures.


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