Details of new WoW expasion

These are the new Halloween masks, shown is a goblin male and female, and a Worgen male and female. What makes it noteworthy is the Worgen female. This is the first time a female Worgen has been depicted in WoW. Now, this could be a coincidence but the fact that Blizzcon is coming up and a new expansion is expected soon make that option less likely. The goblins are likely to join the Horde as they were allied with the Burning Crusade in the Warcraft games, and the Worgen are likely to join the Alliance. The original Worgen were enemies of the Burning Crusade. The next expansion is being called Cataclysm by many because of a patent filing from Blizzard a short time ago.

The goblins would be the next logical race to join the Horde, or the ogres, both were part of the "evil" races in Warcraft. The Worgens are new to Warcraft though. I'm hoping Blizzard will be more creative when designing new racial abilities, no more of the "immune to X effect" or "increase X skill by Y points". Personally I'm hoping the Worgen will get some kind of thermal vision or special vision that allow them to distinguish between and spot horde and allies better, maybe allies glow blue while horde players glow red. I'm pretty sure the goblins will be getting the "+X to Engineering skill" but aside from that I hope they something like unlimited dynamite sticks that don't do much damage but is good for range pulling.

I know some of you might wonder why would Blizzard make the graphics as Halloween masks, but if you think about how quickly players are able to dig through the WoW files, it's not surprising that Blizz would want to disguise the new facial graphics as masks.


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