Final Fantasy XIV E3 Interview

So here's a video that has been included with the September 2009 issue of Famitsu Wave. It is an interview with producer Hiromichi Tanaka and director Nobuaki Komoto about Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix's next MMORPG. There are subtitles for those who cannot speak Japanese. I have made a list of the important points of the interview for those who don't want to watch the entire 8m40sec video.

  • The name of the area in which the story takes place is called Eorzea and it will be smaller than Vana'diel.
  • The name of the story world is "Hai-de-rin", therefore this will take place in a new, different world.
  • The setting of the game will be more modern, including mechanical devices and "high-technology".
  • They are doing away with the traditional experience and level advancement system
  • Gameplay will depend greatly on what type of weapon you are using.
  • Races will be the same or similar except with different names.
  • There will be a "job" system, though not quite the same as before.
  • Players can still choose to play the game solo, as well as grouping.
  • They are "considering" large scale battles, but want to emphasize smaller battles.
  • Nobuo Uematsu will be composing the entire soundtrack.

UPDATE: There are some new scans that depict the new races and jobs of the game.

The new race names are Hyuran(Human), Lalafell(previously Taru), Roegadyn(previously Galka), Elzen(previously Elvaan), Miqo'te(previously Mithra).

The jobs so far are: Fighter, sub classes are Swordsman and Archer, Sorcerer, sub classes are Enchanter and Warlock, Crafter, sub classes are Blacksmith and Cook, and Gatherer, sub classes are Gardener and Fisherman.

There will be character customizations also.

The tentative release date is set for 2010 on PC and PS3.

Anyone hoping that there will be more than just these four main jobs? Two of them don't sound very appealing and the other two are just generic typical MMORPG classes. I'm hoping for some classes like a Dragoon, Paladin, Ninja, or hell, a Chocobo Rider would sound better than a Gardener.


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