TV show video games that should be made

5 TV shows that would make humorous video games:

1. Desperate Housewives

Now I know what you're thinking, WTF a game about housewives? No, it would be so much more than that. If you've watched the show, you would know about all the deception, criminal behavior, and violence that goes on. So what would the game be like?

It would be Metal Gear except instead of badass Snake, you would be taking the role as one of the houswives, my choice would be Susan(played by Teri Hatcher: pictured below)

Instead of infiltrating enemy bases, you would sneaking into your neighbor's homes using stealth and the tools of housewives, knives, hairdryers, knockout gas, and hairspray. After breaking in and retrieving information, you would then engage in neighborhood politics to defame and humiliate your rivals.

2. Supernatural
It's not hard to imagine a show about demons and ghosts made into a video game. But, we must not forget about the other elements of the story, like Dean getting some action with a girl in every town they stop by and then relationship between the brothers. That's why I would say this would be more like the FPS "Army of Two" mixed in with gratuitous sex à la Duke Nukem.

Instead of shooting other soldiers, the pair of brothers will be using their supernatural weapons, salt shotgun, crosses, demon-killing knife, and supernatural powers of their own(only available while playing Sam). What would make this game awesome is that you would have to know which types of weapons will kill which demons. There would be djinns, ghosts, a variety of demons, werewolves, vampires, changelings, demi-gods, wendigos, and tons of other monster. While one person is holding off the baddies with the all purpose shotgun, the other player would be readying the correct weapon to finish the monster off.

3. House MD
So what would make a hospital game based off House MD any different than other games? Well, first of all, you would be running the show as Dr Gregory House, one of the most sadistic and mean doctors on television. You can slap around your doctors if they aren't doing anything, pinch the nurses, and for fun, you can experiment different kinds of drugs on patients.

4. One Tree Hill
This drama is based off two half brothers living in a small town. Both of them played on the high school basketball team which caused tension and gave rise to much teen angst. This TV drama should be developed into what I would describe as One Tree Hill Live. It's a basketball game in which you not only manage your players as a basketball team but also as high school teens who all have their own teenage personalities. You can give the ball to the player with the best "stats", but your other players might react by refusing to play with him out of jealousy. It's basically NBA Live with loads of teenage drama.

5. 24
Jack Bauer would be one of the most badass protagonists for video game. What makes him a better choice than Sam Fisher(Splinter Cell) and Solid Snake(Metal Gear)? Well it's the ability to torture anyone for any reason you want. Hell, you don't like the way the tuna on rye sandwhich that the cafeteria served you looks? You can torture her until she confesses to spitting in it, or until she passes out. Gameplay will be much like other espionage games.

An aspect of storytelling which will be taken from the TV show is multiple perspectives. You will mainly be play as Jack Bauer, but you will also be playing as a terrorist, a random child in Nigeria, the receptionist at CTU(Counter-Terrorist-Unit) headquarters, and that rat that keeps eating all the cashews from the trail mix on your desk.


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