Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii

One upcoming game that I'm definitely looking forward to, is Monster Hunter Tri(or 3) on the Wii. I'm surprised that Sony passed up on this, parts 1 and 2 were on Sony platforms, and a few were also on the PSP. It looks like the Japanese release has already outsold Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter Tri is the newcomer.

Sales of Wii's have increased dramatically since the release of Monster Hunter Tri. The PSP's Monster Hunter held the top spots in Gamefaqs' most popular titles since their launch. There are three Monster Hunter titles on the PSP, all three are still on the websites top 10 games for PSP at this moment. One of the games was released years ago. That just goes to show the level of quality that the designers put into gameplay.

Speaking from personal experience, Monster Hunter is an addictive series. Combat is varied and replay value is off the charts. There is one thing you should consider though, it is that the game can become repetitive. The goal of the game is to complete quests that involve usually killing monsters. On the PSP titles, the areas were recycled so there was a lack of variety. But the new title on the Wii could be completely different. But whatever you can infer about the game, there's no arguing it's dominance in the Japanese market. Famitsu, a magazine that is very strict with their scoring system, giving out only 10 perfect scores in it's 20 year history, has given Monster Hunter Tri a perfect score.

Here are some videos of it's gameplay;


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